How Adopt-A-Walk Works

Step 1 – Location of the Walking Loop

We partner with City Planners to decide the location of the permanently marked walking loop. People living near the proposed loop are encouraged to get involved in the creation of the loop to increase the connection in the neighborhood. The name Adopt-A-Walk implies a desire to take good care of this walk loop that the community has adopted to ensure everyone can get healthy together.

Step 2 – Design of the Walking Loop

The length is 1 mile and the layout is a loop.  A specific sign indicates the start & finish and displays information about the walking loop. Along the route is signage every 0.1 mile showing distance, inspirational quotes, and natural resting stops. Vegetation makes it esthetically appealing.



Step 3 – Usage of the Walking Loop

The permanently marked walking loop is a natural meeting point for people wanting to go for a walk, for exercise or recreation. In addition, Adopt-A-Walk arranges walking events on a regular basis in the community to keep the loop active. Would you like to volunteer?


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